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P1ston is supply chain software that makes life easier for small businesses and their suppliers. Think better communication, better information, and better decisions while eliminating menial and time-consuming spreadsheet and email tasks.

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A Better Supply Chain for Everyone


The most expensive direct material for any operation is the one you don’t have when you need it. Collaboration greatly increases visibility into supply chain changes, enabling faster and better operational decision-making.


Surprise shortages often cascade through to end-customers. Premium outbound freight, late delivery penalties, and even lost accounts can result. Every VP of Sales should insist that his colleagues practice supply chain collaboration.


Receiving a shipment on time for your Operations team is often more important than getting the best price. But you’re flying blind. The Procurement team that fails to implement supplier collaboration tools will first slowly, then quickly, place its firm at a competitive disadvantage.


Every new SaaS tool should reflect an investment in both the present and the future. P1ston’s supply chain collaboration platform delivers on all the IT must-haves: cloud-based, API-first, event-driven, secure, and mobile.


Supply chain collaboration offers a no-brainer ROI. It lowers production and procurement costs while protecting that most critical metric: revenue.


Suppliers want to collaborate with customers in a manner that increases timely information exchanges while simultaneously reducing menial tasks. We consulted, and continue to consult, with suppliers and customers to deliver workflows that delight all supply chain stakeholders.

See It & Believe It

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  • Improve information accuracy and decision-making 
  • Enable real-time customer-supplier communications
  • Reduce recurring menial tasks
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