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Accelerate growth. Improve operational execution. Customers engage us to help solve age-old business problems. We, in turn, deliver like seasoned software experts who understand manufacturing, distribution, and industrial services. Because we are.

Create a New Digital Offering

Most equipment will someday be an IOT device. Distributors and service providers must tech-enable their workflows. All these scenarios demand cloud offerings.

Replace a Legacy System

By 2020, most 10-year old systems had passed their sell-by date. Legacy systems will get replaced by upgraded cloud equivalents or business will die.

Improve Quality, Cost, and Delivery

This is the digital manifestation of Lean.  Manufacturers, distributors, and service providers need custom execution management systems to optimize flow.

Facilitate Supply Chain Collaboration

Complex and mission critical supply chains fail in the absence of collaboration. Visibility is murky. Communication is disjointed and slow. P1ston offers the cure.

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50x Service Scaling

Asset Tracking with AI

OEM Hardware as

IOT Devices

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Legacy System Replaced in the Cloud

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Supply Chain Collaboration

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Scope, Design, Build, Iterate, & Launch. Sounds easy, and it’s really not that hard if you’re working with the right team. Just don’t skip those first two steps…

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