Referral Program

Make Introductions, Earn Commissions

Are you a VAR, Integrator, ISV or a consultant in the ERP space?

P1ston’s referral program allows you to earn money by referring leads to us.  There are no training or certification requirements, and the program requires no investment or cost to you.


You earn money when you refer a lead to P1ston.

Send us the contact information of someone in an organization that is shopping for a Supply Chain management solution

If your referral becomes a P1ston customer, you’ll earn 10% of the subscription fees sold in commissions.

How It Works

Once you become a referral partner, you provide leads to our sales team. Our sales team will conduct a brief qualification and discovery call with the lead.

If the lead is qualified, we’ll provide a demo as well as perform all of the heavy lifting during the sales cycle. We will also be responsible for the implementation and support too. All you have to do is facilitate an introduction and we will do all the rest. It’s easy money!

When the lead subscribes to one of our SaaS offerings you get paid 10% of the SaaS sales price!

Sound interesting?

Send us your information and we’ll set you up as a P1ston Referral Partner.