December 20, 2022

  • Updated new order workflow, including UI changes (related to Line Total, dollar sign location, and colon removal) and new field additions (Misc, S&H, and Tax). 
  • Limiting the “Description” field in “Request an Update” workflow, with excess characters visible upon hover. 
  • Improved supplier invitation email. 
  • Import notification improvements. 
  • Expanded integration service application (ISA) to include several new fields. 
  • Created UAT environment for Epicor ISA. 
  • Released and later updated Epicor ISA. 
  • Made “Description” field optional.
  • Notes field fix for all browsers. 
  • Updated manual import to work with Buyer and Supplier ID. 
  • Made Supplier ID optional field in manual import. 
  • Fixed order API to handle supplier change on existing PO. 
  • Prevent multiple instances of ISA running simultaneously. 

November 04, 2022

  • Auto-insert PDF of PO in P1ston and attach to new order email.
  • POs deleted in Visual EstiTrack (VET) ERP are auto-archived in P1ston.
  • Prevent integration with ERP overriding changes in P1ston.
  • Integration Service (IS) update.
  • Updated “Reader” portion of VET IS.
  • Improved Manual Upload. Now support 3-digit decimal in QTY and Unit price can be zero.
  • UI label changes/additions related to Customer, Buyer, and Supplier ID.
  • Fixed bugs for IS.
  • Fixed bugs for searching and filtering.
  • Fixed bugs regarding shop orders.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

  • Lead time-based update request schedules are now available in the Update Manager along with the pre-existing calendar-based update schedules.
  • Improved the formatting of lengthy descriptions in manual import unit price.
  • Improved PO-based reminder email via daily service.
  • 404 error page.
  • Fixed bugs related to Create Account – Mobile and Tablet
  • Fixed bugs related to file download specially on mobile and tablet.
  • Fixed bugs related to Reset password.
  • Fixed bugs related re-sending an invite in teams.


  • Fixed bug related to Direct Reply. 

AUGUST 30, 2022

  • A user can now type an @ sign to mention other users in Chat. 
  • Improved Update Manager Assigning Suppliers flow. 
  • Improved the formatting of lengthy descriptions in the orders table and detail drawer. 
  • Pagination added to the Update Manager Request History screen. 
  • Fixed the formatting of charts in the dashboard for Supplier. 
  • Fixed minor bugs related to various dropdown menus. 
  • Fixed bugs related to the Update Manager. 
  • Fixed other minor bugs. 
  • Improved Order Update App Sync. 

AUGUST 2, 2022

  • A user can now select the shipping method used and add tracking details when marking an order shipped.  
  • A user can now upload shipping documents while marking an order shipped. 
  • A Customer user can now toggle the Issue Flag on or off. 
  • Improved the way Direct Email Replies appear in Chat. 
  • Updated how the Commodity Code is displayed in the Detail Drawer and Download Template. 
  • Fixed bugs related to the Detail Drawer Activity configurations. 
  • Improved how display names appear in the Notification Feed. 
  • Fixed bugs related to the “Last Updated” time stamp. 
  • Fixed other minor bugs. 
  • Performance improvements were made to application load times.  

JUNE 20, 2022

  • The ability to edit the need-by date has been added to P1ston.  
    • Customers can now change the need-by date for open orders. 
    • The need-by date can be edited directly from the Open Orders table or from the Detail Drawer. 
  • Formatting improvements made to email templates. 
  • Fixed bugs related to viewing a pdf in File Manager. 
  • Fixed other minor bugs. 

JUNE 8, 2022

  • Enhancements made to the Update Manager functionality for customers.  
    • Customers can now create multiple schedules and assign suppliers to specific schedules. 
  • Updated the commodity code field value criterion.  
  • Fixed bugs related to File Manager timestamps. 
  • Fixed Manual Import modal sizing issues. 

MAY 23, 2022

  • Enhancements made to the Order Table search functionality for customers.  
  • Fixed bugs related to the Open Orders download function. 
  • Fixed other minor bugs. 

MAY 10, 2022

  • “Discussions” has been renamed “Chat”. 
  • The “Notes” feature has been reworked and is no longer available to suppliers. 
  • Updated the Manual Import template. 
  • Increased Manual Import’s “Description” character limit. 
  • Minor formatting improvements to email notifications. 
  • Fixed the “Requires Acceptance” bugs found in Manual Import. 
  • Fixed bug when accepting an order from the “New Order Added” EBI. 

APRIL 25, 2022

  • Performance improvements leading to reduced initial load times. 

MARCH 29, 2022

  • Increased API “Description” character limit.  
  • Removed the “Start a Discussion” button from all “direct reply” eligible emails. 
  • Improved the Supplier account creation reset password flow. 
  • Added the “Line Creation Date” field to Manual Import. 
  • Fixed other minor UI bugs. 

MARCH 7, 2022

  • Improved integration to capture supplier name changes. 
  • Improved Manual Import to capture supplier name changes. 
  • Various text changes to the Manual Import flow. 
  • Minor text changes to Manual Import error messages. 
  • UX change to Manual Import processing time. 
  • Updated notification preferences so that all notifications are customizable.  
  • Bundled Update Request logs in the Activity Archive. 
  • Improved the Activity Archive search functionality.  
  • Minor improvements to the Order Management Workflow.  
  • Improved functionality for a customer editor to import data once mapping has been established. 
  • Fixed Manual Import template guidelines and data error bugs.  
  • Fixed Manual Import drag and drop feature on tablet. 
  • Fixed how new suppliers display in the Teams tab after being imported. 
  • Fixed the sequential ordering of line items in various places. 
  • Fixed the table sorting bugs.  
  • Fixed other minor bugs. 
  • Moved user data from Cognito to Dynamodb to improve performance. 

JANUARY 31, 2022

  • Improved the Initial Promise date selection process to prevent users from selecting a date in the past. 
  • Updated the Manual Import flow to cross-reference orders with pending terms. 
  • Improved how long display names appear in the Notification Feed. 
  • Refined the way the Manual Import Details display in the Activity Archive. 
  • Minor text changes to the Customer Account Creation page. 
  • Improved the Manual Import flow for Editors. 
  • Refined the Manual Import “Import Finished” modal. 
  • Fixed lazy load issues in the Notification Feed and Activity Archive. 
  • Fixed other known minor bugs. 
  • Minor API improvement. 

JANUARY 24, 2022

  • Minor text changes to the “Order Accepted”, “Terms Accepted”, “Shipped”, and “Edited Shipment” email notifications. 
  • Minor text change to the “added new user” activity entry in the feed and archive. 
  • Hid the End Customer details in the Supplier Mode Detail Drawer. 
  • Increased 10px font sizes to a minimum of 12px throughout the site for better visibility. 
  • Improved how Shipped and Received activity entries are logged in the Detail Drawer by displaying more detailed information. 
  • Updated the way usernames and timestamps display in the Detail Drawer. 
  • Minor content change to the Open Orders menu dropdown options. 
  • Minor text changes to the Login and Account Creation pages. 
  • Improvement to the File Manager “Move” dropdown.  
  • UI update to the Order Management Workflow Promise Date comment tooltip to match existing tooltips. 
  • Updated the Supplier Teams page to save a user’s scroll position when viewing a team’s details. 
  • Updated the Customer and Supplier Order Export Templates. 
  • Fixed null states in the Detail Drawer so that dashes show when a field is null.  
  • Fixed minor bugs related to the Update Request feature.  
  • Fixed how the PO level breadcrumbs display when previewing a file with File Manager.  

JANUARY 17, 2022

  • Manual Import has been added to P1ston.
    • Customers can now keep their orders up to date in P1ston without needing an integration.
    • Upload .xlsx, xls, or .csv file types to import PO data for the rest of their customer team and suppliers to see.
    • When uploading files, users can map the way the data will be imported into P1ston. The mapping will utilize the previous import mapping as much as possible. If the imported column names are the same as before, then the columns will be mapped the same way.
    • Once an upload is successful and data has been mapped appropriately, P1ston will generate an itemized preview of the import updates.
    • This includes New, Unarchived, Changed, and Discrepancies.
    • Users can choose to exclude certain updates from the import to correct for mistakes without having to restart the process with a new file.
    • Only Customer Owner and Admin users can configure the column mapping when doing an import. Editor users can use the existing mapping from the previous import to the workspace.
    • The import flow is available on desktop and tablet.

DECEMBER 20, 2021

  • Added the supplier name to subject lines for Order Accepted and Declined emails.
  • Improved the Propose New Terms flow while changing the promise date.
  • Updated the Quick Browser’s “View in P1ston” button filtering functionality.
  • Fixed the formatting of the Initial Promise date in the Detail Drawer Activity Log.
  • Minor fixes related to the New PO Added Rework.
  • UI fix to Acceptance Required in the Advanced Filters.
  • Small functionality fix to the Mark Order Received tool.
  • Removed the duplicate “Subtotal” field from the Declined Order email.
  • Updated the date formatting in the Order Management Workflow.
  • Fixed mobile scroll functionality on the Discussions tab.

DECEMBER 6, 2021

  • Design rework combining the “Accept PO” flow with the “Add Initial Promise” Flow.
    • Suppliers can now accept a new order and confirm the initial promise date in one click.
    • Suppliers can change the initial promise date for all lines in a PO in one action from the “New Order” modal.
    • Updates to Order Management Workflow emails.
    • Minor visual changes to the “New Order” modal.
  • Design rework of the Customer “Reminder: PO Requires Acceptance” notification.
    • Customers now receive one notification for all supplier teams summarizing which POs require acceptance.
  • New “Requires Acceptance” category added to the Quick and Advanced Filters.
  • UI improvements made to the Advanced Filter and Update Manager.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

DECEMBER 1, 2021

  • Removed action buttons from the Customer: Requires Acceptance Reminder email.
  • Improved wording of mobile Order Management Workflow Add Promises screen button.
  • Updated wording of “Accept & Add Promises” button in email notifications.
  • Order Management Workflow no longer allows “0” as an entry for quantity or unit price.
  • Updated the Order Management Workflow pencil icon to match style guidelines.
  • Improvements made to the time zone dropdown in the Customer’s Update Manager.
  • New Terms Proposed email template now shows changes to the “Total” field.
  • The “Receive” action toolbar will now hide if an order is declined in the Order Management Workflow.
  • UI improvements to the Quick Browser on tablet.
  • Easy delete function added to the Mobile Add Supplier User screen when there are multiple invites.
  • “Received” Order email notifications are no longer sending to the user who took the action.
  • Fixed button bug in New Terms Proposed email.
  • Minor changes to wording of Initial Promise Date Reminders in the notification settings.
  • Fixed bug for Team name not updating in emails when changed.
  • UI fixes to Mobile Email Based Interactions.
  • UI fixes to the Supplier “You’ve Been Added” email.
  • Fixed typo in the Supplier Account Creation hint text.
  • Search boxes on Teams page no longer expand when active.
  • Fixed Open Orders emails formatting.
  • Fixed wording in the “Email Not Captured” email.
  • Fixed other known minor bugs.

NOVEMBER 8, 2021

  • Email Based Interactions have been added to P1ston.
    • Supplier emails have been enhanced to include buttons linking to a Simplified Browser View.
    • Suppliers have the option to provide updates directly from their email without logging into P1ston.
    • All users can now start a Discussion in P1ston by replying directly to an email. Not all emails are eligible for this feature.
  • Automated Shipping
    • Enhancements to P1ston’s integration instantly mark orders shipped in P1ston to match the Customer’s external data.
  • Receiving Orders
    • Customers can now add and edit a received date for shipped orders.
  • Supplier Account Creation has been improved for Email Based Interactions.
  • UI improvements were made to most Update Request and Order Activity email notifications.
  • Deleting a parent comment in Discussions no longer deletes all comments in a thread.
  • Updated UI for deleted comments in Discussions.
  • Formatting of unit price, total price, and subtotals has been updated in the Order Management Workflow modal.
  • Row alignment has been updated in the Order Management Workflow modal.
  • Order Type and Commodity Code fields have been removed from the Supplier view.
  • Updated the default notification settings for Customers and Suppliers.
  • UI changes to the caught-up state in the Detail Drawer Activity Log.
  • New Order indication on Customer mobile view was added to match other views.
  • Date format in the detail drawers was updated to match data formatting in the table.
  • UI update to the mobile search bar.
  • Confirmation indication was added to the Account Modal Change Password flow.
  • Teams page now instantly displays the new users added without having to refresh the screen.
  • Subject line of an Update Request is now editable.
  • Discussion comment and File button alignment has been updated in Supplier view.
  • Unscheduled Update Request modal now resets after sending.
  • Date dividers are now pinning to top of the Activity Archive log while scrolling.
  • Mobile Invite User flow was improved to prevent duplicate invitations.
  • UI bug fix for mobile Order Management Workflow “Proposed Changes” screen.
  • Bug fix for Files that don’t fit into the other categories.
  • File manager back button touch target now includes the arrow, not just the text.
  • Fixed other known minor bugs.

OCTOBER 5, 2021

  • Detail Drawer has been updated to include two new fields to allow Order Classification: “Order Type” and “Commodity Code”.
  • The “Outside Services” field has been removed from the Detail Drawer.
  • “Order Type” and “Commodity Code” have been added as filterable fields in the Advanced Filter Drawer. This allows users to filter by Order Classification.
  • Open and Shipped Order table headers have been updated in desktop, tablet, and mobile to be more visually consistent on all skins.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

  • New order management workflows have been added to P1ston.
    • Newly added purchase orders will now prompt suppliers to accept or decline the order.
    • Customers and suppliers have the option to propose new terms for a purchase order by changing the quantity or unit price of a line item.
    • New terms can be accepted or rejected until an agreement is reached.
    • After an order is accepted, the supplier is prompted to add promise dates to each line item.
    • Reminder notifications are sent out every 48 hours to ensure that orders are accepted in a timely fashion.
  • Links have been added to In-P1ston notifications for: scheduled update requests, unscheduled update requests for all line items, and new user added notifications.
  • The login page copyright text has been updated to prevent text from wrapping to two separate lines.

AUGUST 16, 2021

  • Suppliers with no open orders will no longer appear in the dropdown menu of the customer update mode.
  • Entry names in the detail drawer activity tab now match the notification feed format.
  • Increased the size of the back arrow touch target in the mobile detail drawer.
  • Added tooltips to all icons on the Orders table.
  • The Notifications Settings button now directs the user to the settings page.
  • Activity archive no longer infinitely loads when nothing matches the search bar.
  • Notification feed text is now aligned properly with the blue badge.
  • The customer update mode supplier color bar now matches the supplier’s color.
  • Users are now able to exit file previews on mobile.
  • Dashboard widgets now filter correctly and in real time.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • Performance improvements leading to reduced initial load times.

JULY 26, 2021

  • Supplier users will now always receive notifications for update requests in their feed and email inbox regardless of their other notification settings.
  • Update request emails now format the subject line correctly to display the user’s name.
  • Updated the language of some entries in the line item detail drawer’s Activity tab to be more precise.
  • Clicking the “Update Now” button in update request emails for supplier users will now filter directly to the order in P1ston.
  • Consolidated the trash icon in both the Discussions and Files tabs.
  • Design tweaks to the Notes and Discussions text boxes.
  • Switching between supplier teams on the Orders table will now dynamically shift the surrounding text to keep everything in line.
  • Shipment popups will now close when clicking the cancel button.
  • Users will now be directed to the correct page from email notification links if they need to log in to P1ston after clicking the link.
  • Updated the formatting of the P1ston create account page.
  • Tablet need-by and promise dates will now appear red when they are late.
  • Blank spaces will now be trimmed from the beginning and end of discussion comments and replies.
  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Fixed bug that required users to refresh to update their dashboard data.
  • Orders that are missing a part number or description will now display “No Data” in the PO detail drawer.
  • The tooltip on the edit shipment icon now displays “Edit” instead of “Ship”.
  • The Discussions action menu no longer overlaps with the “like count” for shorter replies.
  • Fixed other known minor bugs.

JULY 7, 2021

  • You can now configure your P1ston notifications.
    • A personalized notification feed that displays recent activity can be found behind the new bell in the top right corner of P1ston.
    • Notification settings can be configured from the My Account modal.
    • Users now have the option to receive their email notifications in real-time or in one single “Daily Digest” email.
    • A full archive of all activity can be accessed from the notifications feed in the top right corner of P1ston. This archive includes all activity regardless of your configured notification settings.
  • The button for posting new discussion comments now displays “SEND” instead of “SAVE”.
  • Unified icon normal, hover, and selected states.
  • Improved the error message when resetting your password within P1ston.
  • Purchase order line items now display in numerical order.
  • Unified phone number formatting on all pages.
  • The detail drawer activity tab now has an empty state.
  • Fixed scrolling in the file preview for word documents.
  • Users with expired invitations on the Teams table no longer count as active users.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Overall performance improvements in P1ston; load times greatly reduced to only seconds on all pages.

JUNE 21, 2021

  • Users can now start discussion posts from the line item activity tab when there is a comment added to a changed promise date or shipment update.
  • Unscheduled update request emails now provide a link to the discussions tab of the purchase order or line item that has the requested update.
  • When inviting a new user, there is text in the modal notifying that invitations expire after 7 days.
  • The Discussions action menu no longer cuts off and wraps around when a reply post is too short.
  • Placeholder text for input fields now stays until the user starts typing in the field.
  • The tooltip that appears in the activity tab after editing a discussion post now correctly displays the original comment’s text.
  • Entering only empty space into the Notes field will no longer save as a new note.
  • The ellipses for the action menu on the Teams page is now vertical and the menu pops out to the right of the ellipses.
  • Spacing between dashboard widgets on mobile has been fixed.
  • The input field for starting new discussions now has a white fill.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • The Orders table now caches its data resulting in significantly reduced load times.
  • Changes to the Orders table will now update in real-time for all users.

JUNE 14, 2021

  • The “Request Update” modal has been updated to allow users to switch between requesting an update for the entire purchase order, or for a specific line item all from one page.
  • Changed the language on the supplier teams page to say “Active Suppliers” instead of “Active Users”.
  • Changed the time parameter in the Activity tab of line item detail drawers to stay in effect until the drawer is closed.
  • The Notes tooltip now appears upon hovering over the info icon.
  • Fixed the hover state to include the entire target area when closing a detail drawer.

JUNE 8, 2021

  • Set your time zone from the My Account modal using the new dropdown menu.
  • Back arrows on mobile changed to left carets for design consistency.
  • Searching by supplier or promise date on the Orders table will now function correctly.
  • Notification emails for Discussion posts now reflect the correct time.
  • Fixed spacing problems in the creating a new P1ston account page.
  • Right-aligned the quantity column in the line item view to match PO accordions.
  • Fixed and added tooltips to the dashboard and Orders table.
  • Removed hover states from supplier teams and workspace if dropdown menus are not available.
  • Other minor design improvements and bug fixes.
  • Loading times between File Manager tabs are significantly reduced.
  • Changes to a Files tab will immediately update and sync in real-time for all users.
  • A link to the release notes page can now be found on the login page.

JUNE 1, 2021

  • A new “Files” tab has been added to PO and line item detail drawers.
    • Upload files to folders in line item detail drawers to share documents, pictures, drawings, and more.
    • Tag files as PO level files to view them in all the line items in that purchase order and in the PO detail drawer.
    • Double click a file to open the file preview which provides a display of the file without needing to download it.
    • A file’s details page provides more information on a file including its type, size, and location.
    • Use the move action to change the location of a file to a different folder.
    • Download files to save them to your device.
    • Archive files to delete and remove them from the folder.
  • A new URL is now in use for the P1ston platform:
    • Please refresh the page next time you are in P1ston to make sure you’re up to date and not using cached information.
  • The orders table will now save which view you were using last (PO or Line Item) and will open to that same view the next time you open P1ston.
  • Unified all dropdown menus throughout P1ston.
  • The Update Manager has several appearance improvements.
  • The data in the orders table is now aligned with the table headers when expanding purchase orders.
  • Scheduled update requests will no longer send multiple email notifications.
  • Removed the ability for supplier users to filter by supplier.
  • Fixed the null state formatting of some fields in the detail drawer.
  • Fixed the snackbar when reactivating supplier teams.

MAY 3, 2021

  • The Notes feature has been reworked and is no longer private to your team.
    • Both customers and suppliers see all Notes activity and can edit the comment field.
  • UI improvements to the Advanced Filter drawer.
  • Clicking “Back” in the Update Manager will now take you back to the previous page instead of to the main menu.
  • Cleaned up the dashboard Activity Feed search bar for Customers.
  • Increased target size of the detail drawer close button.
  • On tablet, selecting a line in the Orders table will now highlight that row.
  • Mobile and tablet navigation menu enhancements.
  • Added a hover state and tooltip for reopening shipped orders.
  • Changes to a Promise Date now instantly update in the detail drawer Activity tab.
  • Removed the “Update Actions” column header from the shipped tab for Suppliers.
  • Fixed action menu hover state on Discussion comments and replies.
  • Fixed the detail drawer adjustable width arrow.
  • “End Customer” Details no longer show in the PO detail drawer for Suppliers.
  • Supplier Teams table now scrolls when using mobile.
  • Teams table action menu no longer cuts off at the bottom of the page.
  • Login screen now alerts users when using an invalid email format.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

APR 19, 2021

  • A new “Discussions” tab can be found in every line item detail drawer.
    • Start a new discussion to communicate with other users about a specific line item.
    • Reply directly to a comment to create a threaded conversation.
    • “Like” comments to acknowledge that you’ve seen a message.
    • View a comment bubble in the order table as a “new message” alert, and use it as a shortcut to the “Discussions” tab.
  • The Notes feature was moved to the “Summary” tab and changed to accommodate a singular note, as opposed to conversational messaging.
  • The update also includes a number of design tweaks and bug fixes.

MAR 22, 2021

  • Confirm an Initial Promise Date from the update actions as a supplier or as a customer updating promise dates on behalf of a supplier.

 JAN 1, 2021

  • A request history page shows customers a feed of all update requests sent to suppliers with reference to the PO or line item.
  • Customers can send unscheduled update requests to multiple suppliers for all of their open line items.
  • Customers can automate scheduled update requests to suppliers in the Update Manager to send on specific days and times of the week.
  • Update promise dates and ship orders on behalf of the supplier as a customer.
  • Ship orders to move them from the Open to the Shipped tab as a supplier.
  • Change the promise date providing a reason code and comment as a supplier.
  • Confirm promise dates in the orders table as a supplier.
  • The activity tab within a detail drawer shows all activity on the line item with the option to look back several months and filter out certain activity.
  • Send an email to the supplier as a customer requesting an update on the purchase order or line item by using the “REQUEST UPDATE” button from within the detail drawer.
  • Email order information by using the “SHARE TO EMAIL” button from within the detail drawer.
  • Purchase order detail drawers show an overview of each line item and whether orders are open or shipped.
  • Open the detail drawer of any purchase order or line item to view extended information about the order.
  • Download table data.
  • Use filter options to view a narrowed-down orders table.
  • View shipped orders from the Shipped tab.
  • Status flags signify the priority or state of a purchase order or individual line item.
  • View the Orders tab in one of two ways: By purchase order or by each individual line item
  • The Dashboard’s Recent Activity Feed keeps a Customer up to date on recent activity.
  • Dashboard widgets display the number of line item orders that fit a criterion, creating filtered shortcuts for Customers.
  • More than one workspace? Manage several workspaces and switch organizations by clicking your workspace’s name.
  • Access the user menu to view account information, give feedback, or contact support.
  • Resend or cancel invites to users or deactivate users from the Teams tab.
  • View users from within your workspace from the Teams tab.
  • Invite new users to your workspace by their email address and assign them an access type using the “INVITE USER” button from the Teams tab.